Butterfinger (Snickers)

The other day was rough. The day started of not so good with waking up to my roommates giant mess they made that night and also waking up late which almost made me late to work. Once I got to work everything seemed tense and I ended up having to finish the truck again. About […]

Parents Vs School

The day my parents adopted me they made a promise to me. That promise was they do everything in their power weather I liked it or not to succeed at life. I didn’t have a problem with that until it caused a lot of stress on the house. School was something I liked doing and […]


This is Art3mis, named after the charter in Ready Player One. The six months of his life were really an adventure to say the least. I was getting ready to move out of my parents house. Nothing was wrong living with my parents it’s just they wanted me to continue with school and I just […]

The Beginning

I know there’s a dime a dozen of personal blogs out there but I’m not big on interacting with people or keeping up social media accounts. So I thought a blog that I can post on every now and then about my life would be interesting. It’s almost going to be a journal/dairy. I’ll try […]